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“Fresh” news on the Bangalore Assembly in August 2010

John Anugraha, Gustavo Marin | Translations : English . français . Español

Newly arrived from Bangalore, John Anugraha and Gustavo Marín pass on to us a quick overview of the activities and development of the Asian Citizens’ Assembly. About 300 participants - 80% of whom were young people - from some 20 countries went through an intense experience of exchanges and discovery, on the background of which was the construction of a citizen vision for Asia and the setting of new aims for the Assembly + read more


Fourth International Student’s Peace Festival in India

John Anugraha | Translations : English . Español . français

The Asian Citizens’ Assembly actively took part in the International Peace Festival organized in Chandigarh, India, from September 27 to October 1, 2009. This gathered over 1000 young people from various Indian states and from Pakistan, around a series of activities and manifestations, focused on promoting disarmament and peace. Characters such as Dr. Subba Rao, also known as living Ghandi, were also present + read more


Report of the Asian Forum for Cross Cultural Dialogues - August 2009

John Anugraha | Translations : English . Español . français

The Asian Forum for Cross Cultural Dialogs gives closure to a new strong moment by organizing a new conference-meeting held in China on August 14 to 27, 2009. Over 120 participants (Chinese, Indians and some foreign guests) got together in Beijing to start a thematic debate oriented towards environmental education and ecological literature. A visit to the Yangzi Jiang river banks (Shangai, Suzhou and Hangzhou) marked the second key moment of the exchanges + read more


Another Iran beyond binary explanations?

Behrouz Safdari | Translations : français . Español . English

In spite of the social void, its people’s restricted autonomy and the dichotomy which exists between public and private life, Iran has other faces hardly ever mentioned : the civil society’s boost which takes advantage of the gaps and failures of the political sphere to make up new forms of citizenship. Video interview with Behrouz Safdari (and text transcription) + read more


Iran, Indonesia and getting ready for local assemblies – interview of John Anugraha

Francois Soulard | Translations : English

The Asian Assembly is unfolding in Iran and Indonesia. It has just added to their proposal twenty associations and artists in Iran throughout the tour of John Anugraha and a friend of Indonesia during 15 days in Iran. Several local assemblies are getting ready in various associated countries for November, 2010. Next Stage : China - India Crosscultural Dialog Forum in China, planned for August, 2010. Audio interview with John Anugraha + read more


Five thematical axes for the 2010 Asian Assembly

Francois Soulard | Translations : English . français . Español

The first meeting of the Indian Organizing team for Asian Citizens’ Assembly 2010 was held on 26th January 2009 in Mumbai. The team has started discussion about the Cross-Cultural Dialogue to be held in China in August 2009 and set five thematical axes to be explored up to 2010 + read more


Key ideas and methodological axes of the Asian Citizens' Assembly

Francois Soulard | Translations : Español . français . English

The coordinators meeting on Paris in June 2008 made possible to give a progress report on each assembly and to draw strategic axes to continue the path. This article gives a rapid look at the key ideas and directions to be followed for the Asian Assembly. Among there are to combine forums and assembly, to entrust on youth and actors of solidarity economy and on the intergenerational dialogue + read more



From Forums to Ass- emblies

The Asian team created a new webpage dedicated to the Asian Assembly, have a look !


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