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the Citizens' Assembly in Asia


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Images of the Bangalore Assembly in August 2010


Compilation of about 200 pictures from the Asian Citizens’ Assembly which took place in August 2010 in Bangalore, India. The images were taken by Gustavo Marín, Benru Martinez, John Anugraha and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (and displayed on Facebook) + access to media




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Report of the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011

John Anugraha , 9 November 2011

In the three days of Global Citizens Youth Assembly the participating delegates engaged in various activities such as panel and group discussions, a workshop on the ‘Charter of the Peoples of the Earth, the Bangalore MDG Champions Competition, an open session for youth to represent their own personal work, the Global Citizens Art & Cultural Festival and finally concluded with field excursion through interaction and games with the children of migrant workers at Living Hope Children’s Home, Bangalore. + read more

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“Fresh” news on the Bangalore Assembly in August 2010

Gustavo Marin, John Anugraha , 20 September 2010

Newly arrived from Bangalore, John Anugraha and Gustavo Marín pass on to us a quick overview of the activities and development of the Asian Citizens’ Assembly. About 300 participants - 80% of whom were young people - from some 20 countries went through an intense experience of exchanges and discovery, on the background of which was the construction of a citizen vision for Asia and the setting of new aims for the Assembly + read more


Fourth International Student’s Peace Festival in India

John Anugraha , 25 October 2009

The Asian Citizens’ Assembly actively took part in the International Peace Festival organized in Chandigarh, India, from September 27 to October 1, 2009. This gathered over 1000 young people from various Indian states and from Pakistan, around a series of activities and manifestations, focused on promoting disarmament and peace. Characters such as Dr. Subba Rao, also known as living Ghandi, were also present + read more




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Main dates and meetings planned in the Asian Assembly for 2009-2010

Francois Soulard , 8 February 2009

 + read more

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