Asambleas Ciudadanos


Tools and methods


The methodological dimension is a significant core of the Citizens’ Assemblies. In this section, analyses and other elements to deal with tools and methods which may serve Assemblies at any time are available. Such elements rely on methodological experience of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. These will be gradually enhanced and enriched by the experiences achieved in the Citizens’ Assemblies.



» Conception of a meeting and promotion of collective reflections

Program for the Coordinators’ meeting on May 11-12 in Paris

Francois Soulard, Gustavo Marin | Translations : français . English . Español

Only two years have gone by since our founding meeting in June 2008, but the world has continued changing … and how much! The financial and economic crisis broke out right after the meeting in June 2008; thus, the idea of Citizens’ Assemblies becomes more pertinent. The assembly’s coordinators’ meeting next May 11 and 12 in Paris will be imprinted by four moments: rediscovery, up-date, balance of current preparations and perspectives beyond 2010 + read more



» Citizens' methodologies and strategies for change

Guidelines for the animation of the workshops of the third biennial meeting of the China-Europa Forum 2009 – 2010

Pierre Calame | Translations : English . Español . français

The construction of links between unity and diversity, the round trip between experience and reflection, between what is general and what is specific, is the new fundamental key to citizenship and dialog between societies. Naturally, these links are present in the organization of the China-Europe forum and in the coordination principles of its workshops, and they can feed in turn the Citizens’ Assemblies’ proceedings + read more



» Communication and information sharing

Citizens’ Assembly Website portal launch, advance and perspectives

Francois Soulard | Translations : English . Español . français

The Citizens’ Assemblies website was launched on the first week of February, 2009. As well as the net resources, it combines various technologies (all of them under free GPL license) at the service of one strategy: promoting the assemblies, its diversity and respective advances. The website will be, at the same time, both a catalyst and the result of a collective learning built among the assemblies + read more