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Photo-video report of the Iquique Assembly

Francois Soulard | Translations :Español . français . English

Overviewing video of the meeting edited during the last night of the Iquique Assembly organized from 5th to 7th of November 2010. A selection of pictures is presented below thanks to the photos of Anai Vera, William Leroy, Jorge Colman, Sandra Michelón, Fernando Rios, Graciela Mandolini, Gustavo Marin and Claudia Denegri + access to media


Pictures of Regional meetings of Women

Francois Soulard | Translations :Español . English . français

Approximately twenty representatives from Southern Cone countries discovered themselves, rediscovered one another and warmly intertwined on June 19 – 20 in La Plata, Argentina. Selection of pictures + access to media


Images of the Southern Cone women’s meetings – November and December, 2009

Francois Soulard | Translations :Español . français . English

Discover a selection from hundreds of images from the four women’s meetings organized between November and December, 2009 in Argentina (La Plata), Bolivia (Cochabamba), Chile (Santiago) and Peru (Lima). The pictures are thrilling, plural and revitalizing ! + access to media


Contributions to Citizens' Assembly understanding

Gustavo Marin, Victor de la Fuente | Translations :Español . English . français

Gustavo Marín and Víctor del Fuente, from the Chilean edition of Le Monde Diplo, describe briefly the road that led to the birth of the citizens’ assemblies in various regions of the world and the Southern Cone. Víctor locates the contribution that can be made to the overcoming of the ideological obstacles set by the Neo-liberalism. Videos recorded during the “Governance and resentment” meeting in December 2008 - Iquique - Chile + access to media


Constituent and advances of the Southern Cone assembly in Bolivia

Rodrigo Torrez | Translations :Español . français . English

A new Constitution was adopted in Bolivia through a historical process on the continent. Until where this process did it arrive? In the framework the citizens’ assembly, how the project of South American Regional integration Diploma, of network of alternative media and of meetings of religious and indigenous movements, are going on? Audio discussion of 10min with Rogrigo Torrez Jordán (Spanish only) + access to media


Towards the 2010 Citizens’ Assemblies

Gustavo Marin | Translations :français . Español . English

Gustavo Marin describes – stage by stage – how citizens’ assemblies were born from the General States of the Planet adventure in 1992, from the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world and from the Global Citizens’ Assembly in Lille in 2001. He specifies the breaks and ambitions proposed, and what these might contribute to the search for new ethical frames and local / global regulations + access to media


Renewal of the social contract

Alihuen Antileo | Translations :français . Español . English

The relationships between humans and nature, and between men and women, are in crisis in the Southern Cone region of Latin America as well as in the rest of the world. According to Alihuen Antileo, citizens’ assemblies together with other initiatives contribute to re-generate the social contract, and to re-found new relations between beings, societies and the biosphere + access to media


Why a Regional Citizens’ Assembly of the Southern Cone ?

Ricardo Jimenez | Translations :français . Español . English

Becoming a citizen in a context that lacks citizenship is not easy at all. In Ricardo Jiménez’s opinion, this is the raison d’être of the Southern Cone’s Assembly, which attempts to invent a process and a new citizenship creation meeting. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to leave opposition behind and move towards proposals, towards the construction of links between the different network in society and towards the birth of an ethics and of participatory methods + access to media


the Southern Cone Assembly ont the web

Visit the webpage of the Assembly : and the different blogs linked to its initiatives : the General Blog of the Argentinan team in Córdoba, the Blog of the revue Pensamiento Propio, the blog de la Regional Integration Chair.

Pictures of the 2009 women's meetings

Have a look at the pictures of the women’s meetings held in September and November 2009