Asambleas Ciudadanos


the Citizens' Assembly in the Southern Cone



Main dates and meetings planned in the Southern Cone Assembly for 2009-2010

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  • Meeting on environmental issues in Santiago (Chile - January, 10)
  • Meeting of the military towards integration in Santiago (Chile – April 2009)
  • Integration, religion and spirituality meeting in Bolivia (May 2009)
  • Meeting about Indigenous worldview and Human responsibilities (Bolivia | June 2009)
  • Local power and governance meeting (Southern Cone - date to plan in 2009)
  • Youth meeting about Córdoba (Argentina - date to plan in 2009
  • Women’s meeting in Santiago (Chile - date to plan in 2009)
  • South American Independence and Lautaro Lodge meeting (date to plan in 2009)
  • Five course sessions within the framework of the Regional Integration and Indigenous Peoples’ chair (dates to plan in 2009)
  • Citizens’ Assembly of the Latin American Southern Cone (November 2010)







the Southern Cone Assembly ont the web

Visit the webpage of the Assembly : and the different blogs linked to its initiatives : the General Blog of the Argentinan team in Córdoba, the Blog of the revue Pensamiento Propio, the blog de la Regional Integration Chair.

Pictures of the 2009 women's meetings

Have a look at the pictures of the women’s meetings held in September and November 2009


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